How to Lay your Edges without using Gorilla Glue

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Tessa Brown, a Louisiana native, had us all glued to our electronic devices last week when she decided to share her experience on Tik Tok. Instead of using her regular Got 2 B hair spray to lay her edges, our sister decided to lace her hair with Gorilla Glue which is meant for industrial use. Now you can imagine the end result, her hair becoming the most impenetrable rock, failing to find the most suitable removal products, visiting hospitals for help, and constant headaches. As a result, she racked up millions of views and thousands of comments with people empathizing with her plight and others not so understanding. The empathizers like myself, do understand that mistakes can easily occur since there are products with similar names such as the Gorilla Snot, Moco de Gorilla, and Got 2 B hair gels. I mean, a quick google image search, and you will recognize what they all have in common, a similar color of yellow and orange. So, it is easy to grab a product, apply it and go. After all, how many times have you not pick up a can of coke thinking that it was Pepsi? For the naysayers, she did it for fame (well that was the craziest idea), there were eyes rolling and calls for her to shave her hair off (ouch!!, a bit harsh). Thankfully, Dr. Obeng, the Director of Miko Plastic Surgery save the day, and he states ” at first I thought it was a joke”.Tessa has undergone a 3-day procedure to remove the glue and spent countless hours under light anesthesia to remove the product.

So to avoid Tessa’s plight, I would recommend the following:

1. First up, read the labels carefully on the container and ensure that it is a hair gel that you are going to use. If running out of time, just use one of the Lovemeafrohair Slip-on Head Caps- you will still look amazing and stunning. So many colors to choose from and are ideal for matching up with your outfits.

2.Choose your hair gel wisely- ECO styling gel is popular and it comes in the ECO Original, ECO with Olive Oil, ECO with Coconut Oil, and Eco with Blackseed Oil. The Aunty Jackie’s Grapeseed Slicked Flexible Styling Glue is a natural ingredient product that offers superior hold and moisture. These gels wash out easily; no hair surgeon needed.

3. Use the Lovemeafrohair Edge styling brush that contains soft bristles to lay your edges. These are sturdy and small enough to place in your handbag. Please do not use the old fashion way- a toothbrush. Put it this way, toothbrushes are designed to remove food particles/plaque from your teeth, think about what it will do to your hair follicles. Your baby hair is finer and more susceptible to damage- protect them at all cost.

4. Another of my favorite action- plan ahead. I would normally use the Lovemeafrohair fine mist spray bottle to add moisture to my hair, apply the styling gel, and then use my blow dryer to apply heat. This helps to set the gel in place. I would then wrap my head overnight using a Satin Bonnet or headwrap and by the next morning, I am ready to go.

If you like this blog, please share and lets us know what you think about Tessa’s ordeal. Have you had similar experiences before and how did you overcome them? Let us use Tessa as a caution and protect our hair at all costs. Healthy Hair is Beautiful Hair. All products can be found in the online shop: under the category styler and hair accessories.

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