How to Revive Your Dry Natural Hai

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Reviving your Dry Naural Hair using the L.O.C Method.

Have you ever wonder what is the LOC Method. It is so often spoken about and is it effective in restoring your once-dry-out natural hair. I must admit that I have only learned about it a year ago when I had started to transition from curly perm to natural hair again. It is an acronym that was introduced by Rochelle Graham-Campbell who successfully grew her youtube following base by promoting the use of natural ingredients from her home. So what is the meaning of L.O.C?L= LiquidO= OilC=CreamThis method specifically refers to the way in which you apply a moisturizer, oil, and cream to soften and hydrate your hair. But then one may ask if water and oil do mix well? Well, the answer is not but the aim of the LOC method is not to penetrate your hair per se but rather to create a barrier between your hair and certain conditions such as the weather that may cause excessive moisture loss.
If you are keen to try this out, please follow the sets below:

1: Liquid-Wash your hair with warm water to open up the cuticles and use cold water to close the cuticles back up. It is always ideal to do this method using clean hair but dry hair can also be used. Proceed to use a water-based leave-in conditioner, not a cream. The Mielle Pomegranate Leave-in Conditioner/ Shea Moisture JBCO /As I AM Leave-In Conditioners can be used which will act as a sealant and allow retention of moisture from the water.

2. Oil-This is a sequence that many get wrong due to the water and oil don’t mix notion. However, the LOC method is not about penetrating but rather about layering. Therefore, avoid using heavy oils such as coconut oil to penetrate the hair shaft because you will be left with heavy oily hair. Use lightweight oils like the Yari 100% Natural Argan/Tea Tree/Jojoba Oils to add that extra layer of moisture without any residual build-up.

3. Cream-I would highly recommend this step if you suffer from extremely dry hair like me. Here you can use hair cream or butter to add that extra moisture that your hair needs. The As I AM Double butter is a great choice for Aunty Jackie’s Flaxseed Sealing Butter. Remember choosing the right products are important for your hair to grow healthy. All products mentioned can be bought under Hair Oils and Leave-In Conditioners on this site. Please feel free to share in the comment box your experiences with using this method or if you plan to. Earn 10 reward points

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